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Lemme know your thoughts! She doing well? Anna acting too much like a small child? Too much like an adult? Lemme know.
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[ Character ] = Anna Kushina
[ Canon ] = K Project ( Anime + Light Novels + Manga + Movie)

[ OOC ]

[ Backtagging ] Totally cool with it.
[ Thread hopping ] Go for it! When it doubt, ask.
[ Fourthwalling ] If your character really wants to.
[ Offensive Subjects ] I will add them as I realize I am offended by them

[ IC ]

[ Hugging ] Anna is fine with these! It helps that she can't turn off her ability to read character intentions.
[ Kissing ] Better be platonic, she's 12.
[ Flirting ] She will blank stare. Again, she's 12, but if your character wants to go there, and isn't of a good age, expect to be called out on it
[ Sex ] She's 12.
[ Shipping ] I am all for cute family ships. She loves to adopt new brothers / sisters. On the other hand, cute crush onesided is the most I will go with romantic shipping for the most part. Again, she's 12.
[ Fighting ] WHY WOULD YOU PICK A FIGHT WITH A TINY 12 YEAR OLD.. But OKAY WITH ME, just contact me if you think its going that way, so we can avoid awkward blindsiding. Highlight for Missing Kings Spoilers
Fighting Anna the Red King is now AN ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE IDEA. While she hasn't had time to practice her powers... wait that's the entire reason it’s a terrible idea. Her Aura is described as "volcanic heat" in terms of temperature, and it's likely that it's that hot even when she's using it defensively (which it will do on its own, as she is a King)
[ Injury ] Ask first! Or hint or something, I'm usually pretty okay with it. Highlight for Missing Kings Spoilers
The Red Aura will try to protect Anna.
[ Killing ] Ask first! Highlight for Missing Kings Spoilers
It is canon law that (aside from a specific circumstance), only another King can kill a King. So this will clearly be a rare thing.
[ Telepathy / Mind Reading ] Anything in the brackets that looks like thought is fair game. If your character wants to pick something up that's "deeper", lemme know! HOWEVER, Anna is also a mind reader, and one of exceptional skill and power, and so she will know. Highlight for Missing Kings spoilers
The Red Aura is described as a wild beast, and poking too deeply into Anna's mind will have the intruding character come across it. Only one character has tried this sort of thing (a possessing power character), and they were chased off. It is likely that the Red Aura can injure / kill a character that is maliciously invading its King's mind.

[ Affecting Others IC ]

Anna is, as mentioned above, a very powerful psychic character. She more or less has the full suite of psychic abilities – "casual" thought sensing, memory / mind reading, lie sensing, future/past sight, location scrying, situation scrying, animal communication, memory projection, sharing dreams.
Of these, it is implied that she cannot stop passively picking up the thoughts of others around her – aka, she can't help overhearing what they're actively thinking.
For deeper reading – memories and the like – she needs to stare harder and or through one of her red glass marbles that she carries around. So far there hasn't been a POV character who has been mind-read, but the man in the anime seemed to find the whole ordeal unsettling.
Lie Sensing extends to illusions and dreams. She knows what is and isn't true about the world.
Future / Past sight is one of the rarely used parts of her powers. She can intentionally peer at someone for a glimpse of their future, or it will randomly pop up for her.
Location Scrying is when she takes an image of a person and a map, and tries to find them. This can more or less pinpoint a person. She can also use no map, and just try to tell if that person is in the same area as her – the extent of this "area" is unknown. This CAN be fooled, by associating a conflicting tag with an image (looking for the image of "Shiro" with the thought "The Colorless King" gave her no results, as these were two different people by the time they had a good image of "Shiro")
Situation Scrying is more or less seeing where a person is right now. This seems to require a connection to the person she is searching for, and the image in her marble can be shown to another person
Animal Communication – pretty much what it says on the tin. She can read animals minds clearly.
Memory Projection is the one ability that Anna does not consciously use. It's described as "power overflow" and can physically alter those who are caught – particularly because it's mostly her physical experiences that overflow. Such as drowning and 3rd degree burns.

As of Missing Kings, her powers have expanded. Extra details on her psychic ones as well as those new powers are here!

If you think any of those powers won't work on your character, please comment here with which and why or what will stop her! For games, if your character is talking through some device or another, or just isn't in the same room / general area as her, her mind reading / lie sensing will not work.
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[ Anna is in room 317. ]
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Arrival - Day 121
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